As a rental service agent, we are commissioned with the rent, execution and settlement of rental contracts for the owners of the property. We take over all necessary services which serve for the functionality and operability, the proper condition and the value preservation of the property. Do you own residential property and not want to have to bother with the administration? No dispute with tenants, no time-consuming correspondence – the rent should simply be paid on time? Then we are the right partner for you – we take care of all administrative tasks!

As a real estate owner, you will profit from our holistic administration of your current or future real estate.

Your property is a valuable asset which will be treated accordingly by us. Of course, we take this into account during the search for tenants. We also offer a complete administration service for your rented residential property. For example, this includes:

  • • Service charge settlement
  • Creation of proper annual statement
  • Advice and information • Accounting
  • Lease agreements
  • Rental and ancillary cost settlement
  • Conclusion of lease agreements
  • Dunning
  • General correspondence with tenants
  • Organisation and supervision of maintenance measures
  • Supervision and coordination of tradesmen’s services
  • Establishment and monitoring of house rules
  • and other administrative services

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